Black Friday 2020 Result How Did Marketplaces Perform?


How did online marketplaces perform during the grand opening of traditional holiday shopping season: Thanksgiving week? Skyee highlights the results for you.

Holiday Sales Event

Total Sales Result

Compared to previous year (global %change)



Cyber Monday

$12.7 billion

$10.8 billion


Black Friday


$9 billion 


Thanksgiving Day


$5.1 billion


Thanksgiving Week 2020 Results Summary

According to Salesforce, which collects data from over 1 billion global shoppers across more than 40 countries using its Commerce Cloud platform, digital sales grew substantially. Total digital sales for Cyber Week reached $270 billion globally and $60 billion in the U.S. Overall, ecommerce revenue in the U.S. was up 36 percent globally and 29 percent year-over-year. The number of online customers increased by 22 percent compared to 2019.

Globally, compared to last year, Thanksgiving Day experienced a 20-percent uptick in online sales, while Black Friday digital sales grew 23 percent. Cyber Monday digital sales in the United States shot up by 10 percent compared to 2019, according, again, to Salesforce.

Salesforce also reported that retailers with curbside, drive-through, and in-store pickup saw 32 percent higher online sales growth than retailers without those options during Cyber Week.

Amazon Marketplace

While it does not provide sales by day, Amazon reported that its third-party sellers exceeded $4.8 billion in worldwide sales from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, an increase of more than 60 percent compared to last year.


Reported that Thanksgiving Day’s peak sales-per-minute from global shoppers were about $919,000, an increase of roughly 34 percent compared with last year. The peak sale hour on Shopify for the entire Cyber Week holiday occurred from 12:00 p.m. to 1 p.m. on Black Friday, with revenue of over $102 million.

Although we haven’t found any statistics of eBay’s sale perforance during Cyber Week, resource has revealed 60% year-on-year growth in Black Friday traffic as the commerce content platform experienced the best day in its history during the annual e-commerce event, with eBay claiming the top spot in the UK.

Shopping season this year will be the biggest test yet for retailers, due to incredibly high demand for delivery providers and social distancing which must be enforced in e-commerce warehouses. It is important for sellers to make sure they had stockrooms chock full of the right inventory and to ensure delivery providers could speedily get packages to doorsteps.




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