• What is Skyee Affiliates?

    A program for our affiliates to earn more revenue by introducing new clients to Skyee products.

  • Who Skyee Affiliates program is for?

    Businesses or individuals who provide service to members of Indian cross-border ecommerce community.

Key Benefits: 50/50 Profit Sharing

Breaking new affiliate models in industry, Skyee will share the revenue with our official affiliates. You will earn as much as we do!


*Terms and conditions applied. All rights reserved.

How to Join

  • Skyee Affiliates members introduce and convert cross-border marketplace sellers to sign up with Skyee.

  • Sellers collect payments through Skyee Global Payment Solution, at fee rates offer by Skyee Affiliates member.

  • Skyee shares revenue earn 50/50 with Skyee Affiliate members, for each successful transaction.


  • • Limitless Earning Opportunity.

  • • Co-branding opportunity with Skyee for industry events.

  • • Promotion sponsorship from Skyee.

  • • Global ecommerce resources sharing.